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Bottas ends Hamilton's pole run in Bahrain

Sebastian Vettel is level on points in the title race with Lewis Hamilton Sebastian Vettel is level on points in the title race with Lewis Hamilton
Galena Nuncio | 15 Abril, 2017, 22:01

Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton of Britain steers his auto through a curve during the third practice session for the Bahrain Formula One Grand Prix, at the Formula One Bahrain International Circuit in Sakhir, Bahrain, Saturday, A.

43 - Hamilton and Vettel lead the World Championship with the same points (43); the last time two drivers were tied at the top was after the Spanish GP in 2012 (Vettel and Alonso).

"He is at his best and he is phenomenally quick", Hamilton said of Australian Grand Prix victor Vettel. "With the results I have had, or in the wet, or even in the dry, some races with a vehicle that is not as good, to be able to be that close or reality fight for it, I am 100% sure if I had the same auto, I can do it". "I'd like to see Sebastian win, But it would also be nice to see Lewis put another notch on his gun", he said. "A couple of good runs in this heat always helps".

But, when asked if he could beat Hamilton and Vettel with the same auto they have, Verstappen had no doubt in his mind that he could challenge the both of them.

Moscú pide investigación "imparcial" en Siria
Afirmó que, el presidente de Rusia , Vladímir Putin, calificó como inconcebible los ataques estadounidenses. Restos de un avión sirio alcanzado por el ataque de Estados Unidos .

Red Bull Team Principal Christian Horner has renewed his call for a ban on T-wings after Max Verstappen's vehicle sustained a suspected £50,000 worth of damage during practice in Bahrain.

"It's my first pole in my career in my fifth season in F1 so it took a few years but hopefully it's the first of many for me", he added.

"I think he would have won the race in China if he did not have the bad luck with the safety auto that came out at the wrong time". And even when you lose it's the same thing. "We are both giving respect and that is a great place to be".

"The team knows exactly where I am with my performance and that's what counts". Lewis Hamilton goes into this weekend's Bahrain Grand Prix determined to build momentum in his bid for a fourth world title and to keep his battle with Sebastian Vettel as friendly as possible.

Corea del Norte promete atacar "sin piedad" a Estados Unidos
Antes, el portavoz del Kremlin , Dmitri Peskov , expresó la preocupación de Moscú por la situación en torno a Corea del Norte y pidió contención.

Hamilton was unhappy with Hulkenberg being in the way while on a slow lap, saying "these drivers are just so risky", over the radio. When he talks up Vettel in the way he does, Hamilton is also reminding Rosberg of what he will never achieve.

"When I saw the time I was a bit down as four tenths was more than I expected". He is at his best and he is phenomenally quick. "Ferrari are at their best in years". With major rule changes increasing the speed of the cars and revving up the noise level, fans are already enjoying much more value for money than in previous seasons.

Ferrari's Vettel won the season-opener in warm Australia from Hamilton while the Mercedes driver turned the tide in cooler China to beat the German for first place.

The dash to the first corner is 400 meters and flat out fast, and braking at the right time heading into it will be crucial.

Samsung presentó su novedoso modelo Galaxy S8
Es accionado por un procesador octa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 junto con 4 GB de RAM y 64 GB de almacenamiento incorporado. Los dos teléfonos está equipados con pantallas de 5,8 pulgadas (148,9 x 68,1 mm) y 6,2 pulgadas (159,5 x 73,4 mm).


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    Spicer brought up Hitler at Tuesday afternoon's press briefing, and then made repeated, failed attempts to clarify. Spicer has repeatedly apologized for his comments, calling them "inexcusable and reprehensible".

    China: Air China suspenderá vuelos entre Pekín y Pyongyang desde este lunes

    La escalada de tensión entre Estados Unidos y Corea del Norte -respaldada por China-, empieza a meter miedo. Corea del Norte dijo que frente al envío 'insensato' del grupo aeronaval está dispuesta a "ir a la guerra".
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Horse-lovers to host Special Needs Easter Egg Hunt In Wamac , Mayor Butch Mathis is coordinating the Easter Egg hunt for the 8th year at the Wamac Park at one Sunday afternoon. According to Hayden, there will be a message to convert people to Christianity before an estimated 20,000 eggs are dropped.

"Si él juez no renuncia, debería hacerlo", dijo Garavano Y, advirtió que "hay mucha gente que por una cuestión ideológica, política, durante muchos años de algún modo alentó este tipo de decisiones".

What next? Scorpion stings passenger on United Airlines flight Bell stated that when he reached to pick it up, it fell onto his dinner plate and that's when he realized that it was a scorpion. Displaced passengers are entitled to compensation that maxes out at $1,350, and they can request checks instead of vouchers.

Turkey detains 5 suspected of IS attack plan on referendum Turkey detains 5 suspected of IS attack plan on referendum An emergency rule decree has removed the Supreme Electoral Board's powers to fine media who do not provide impartial coverage. The build up to the referendum and the campaigning process, on the other hand, was marked by many unfair practices.

El Estado Islámico se adjudicó los atentados en Egipto El Estado Islámico se adjudicó los atentados en Egipto El yihadista Estado Islámico asumió la autoría ayer y aseguró que fueron perpetrados por dos suicidas con cinturones explosivos. En total, 126 personas resultaron heridas en los atentados reivindicados por el grupo extremista Estado Islámico .

Air China temporarily suspends flights to Pyongyang North Korea has recently signalled that it was prepared to test its nuclear capabilities for the sixth time . In the past two weeks, Donald Trump has shown his willingness to resort to military methods.

Vettel on top, Mercedes stays in Bahrain shade Vettel on top, Mercedes stays in Bahrain shade Sergio Perez was a further 0.422s off in 15th and marginally quicker than Lance Stroll in 16th in the second Williams. When drivers took to their cars at 2 p.m. for P1, the track temperature was 46 degrees (115 F).

Corea del Norte a Trump: "Estamos preparados con armas nucleares" DPRK corresponde a las siglas en inglés para el nombre oficial del país: la República Popular Democrática de Corea . Soldados equipados con mochilas con el símbolo de la radiación desfilan en Pyongyang , capital de Corea del Norte.

Corea del Norte muestra sus misiles y armas en desfile militar Corea del Norte muestra sus misiles y armas en desfile militar A diferencia de algunos desfiles anteriores a los que asistió Kim, no parecía haber ningún responsable chino entre los asistentes. La celebración conmemora el aniversario número 105 del nacimiento del fundador del país.

Corea del Norte promete 'destrozar sin piedad' a EU El viceministro de Pyongyang Han Song Ryol acusó Trump de construir un 'círculo vicioso' de las tensiones y advirtió a los EE.UU: 'Vamos a ir a la guerra si así lo desean'.

"Veo más difíciles las condiciones para una primaria" — Carolina Goic Las palabras de la senadora se enmarcan a días de que la Democracia Cristiana realice su Junta Nacional, en donde se decidirá si Goic va a primarias o si su nombre aparecerá directamente en los comicios de noviembre.

Corea del Norte amenazó a los Estados Unidos La muestra se realiza en un momento de gran tensión con Estados Unidos. El vicepresidente estadounidense, Mike Pence , visita hoy Seúl .

Irán y Rusia advierten respuesta militar si vuelven atacar Siria La nota añade que la presencia de militares de Estados Unidos en el norte del país es ilegal y subraya que eso las convierte en fuerzas de ocupación .

Costa Rica expresa "profunda preocupación" por inhabilitación de Capriles Costa Rica expresa En respuesta, el gobierno de Nicolás Maduro rechazó la actitud "injerencista" de Perú "sobre asuntos de la jurisdicción interna venezolana".

Campaigning for Turkey referendum hits final stretch Campaigning for Turkey referendum hits final stretch There is one change the referendum would bring that is being applauded by pro-democracy groups: the abolition of military courts. Also noticeable, the many posters supporting the Turkish President and the "Yes" campaign granting broad new powers.