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Who Does Nick Pick On The Bachelor 2017 Finale?

Galeno Paniagua | 31 Enero, 2017, 21:09

During this week's episode, an early rose ceremony sent two women packing. She spills the beans to Nick, telling him that Taylor "emotionally attacked" her.

As is standard operating procedure now, we begin with the cocktail party pre-rose ceremony and join the Taylor-and-Corrine fight in progress. Maybe there could be a place for her in "Paradise".

The two mortal enemies, who had been stewing in their obvious dislike for each other, faced off in New Orleans this week when Nick Viall decided that in order to cut all bad vibes from his journey for love, he needed to eliminate one of them. From the creepiest, cheesiest group date to the two-on-one we've all been waiting for - it was an episode full of ridiculous swampy seaweed drama that we're still waking up tangled in this morning.

Where has Rachel been all our lives?

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Of course, Nick Viall did make some strong connections with a few of the women, such as Rachel Lindsey, but "The Bachelor" was so anxious that he would choose the wrong woman and be publicly humiliated once again, that he allegedly let it go to his head. Astrid and Sarah's fates were sealed when they failed to get a flower from Nick. He takes them on a tour, pointing out a mysterious object shrouded in a sheet - which Boo refuses to reveal on the grounds that it would make the spirit mad - and May's own creepy-ass doll. Rachel said it was the best time she'd ever had on a date. They sat down to a romantic, private dinner among the floats. By night's end, she'd scored a rose. Among the remaining women, avid viewers have fallen in love with a few contestants. I guess she could say that.

Rachel getting the rose is basically obligatory; unless someone really screws up a one-on-one date, they're nearly certainly staying. The frontrunners are beginning to emerge - Rachel, Vanessa, Raven and both of the Danielles - but Nick's interactions with Alexis are probably him at his most likable.

On the group date, the ladies showed up to a haunted mansion with actors inside that put on quite a show. On the downside, I doubt the flickering lights and moving chairs inside the antebellum Houmas House were genuine paranormal phenomena. So that seemed a little distracting. But can she win the whole thing?

Nick used the occasion to revive the ghosts of feelings from dates past, spending time smooching with both Danielle Lombard and Danielle Maltby. She dropped the L-bomb! There can only be one top Danielle at a time. Tensions are high as they head to NOLA's mystical bayou. Nick looks like he's taking this very seriously. Taylor and Corinne share a uncomfortable vehicle ride to the bayou, where they climb aboard a boat with Nick. "The relationship will be filled with whipped cream and lies!" "It blows my mind that you run a multi-million dollar company!" Nick sat down to a table with both ladies and made a decision to keep CORRINE! Yes!

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Anyhow, Corinne is like, "Whatever Taylor, you're not here for the right reasons", and I'm like, drink! "Nick is into it, and she knows".

In an odd way of ending things, Taylor headed back to the tarot card people where they cleansed her and she said that she wouldn't leave without "speaking her piece". Remind you of anyone?

Who's to say what makes a season interesting or not, though my preferred theory is that Nick is too much of a pro at this show to make any semi-fresh moves, and that his late casting meant that the women of the show were not picked for him, which has dampened the chemistry factor.

Who went home and who stayed?

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